Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Transforming Miss Thing into Mr. Kid

You've probably guessed by now that I'm not the only Second-Hand Rose of the household. Handsome and the Caped Crusader are in the business, too. 

In fact, this used-clothing lifestyle was instigated by the Caped Crusader's arrival. When he was an infant, I'd pack him in the stroller and walk to the thrift stores to pilfer through mountains of kids clothes. Gradually, I built a marvelous arsenal of clothing (sizes 1T to 10) that includes Hanna Andersson, Gymboree, Gap, Mini Boden, Ralph Lauren, and Columbia Sportswear.

And occasionally, I'd spot something so cute in the Junior section I'd throw it in my shopping basket--even if it was a pre-teen girl's jacket. 


Yep, the pre-teen girl's jacket. An important accessory to the Miss Thing outfit. Miss Thing wears jeans cut so low, le crack du derriere makes a daily appearance. Miss Thing also wears jackets cut so high, Mademoiselle Bellybutton plays peek-a-boo. 

But is this really her fault when the fashion industry insists on cutting girl's clothing just like women's? I've personally witnessed the debut of one too many le cracks from toddler girls who innocently bend down to pick up blocks with chubby fingers. Now that's madness. 

But back to the Miss Thing jacket. 

I believe it's out of style hence the over-abundance of midriff-loving garments at the thrift stores. And preschool parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles can take advantage of this out-dated look.

It's very simple. Just cut off the arms:

Finish the edges with your machine:

 And throw it on your kid like this:

The Caped Crusader loved his Miss Thing jacket. His first remark when he wiggled into it was, "Oh! So cozy!" And he wore it for ten days straight until its inevitable demise into the Black Hole of Children's Clothing and Favorite Toys. 

Its last sighting was at preschool. 

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